петък, 5 септември 2008 г.

Confessions of a tramp a.k.a. Из "Изповедите на една скитница"

Here I am and I have never felt better! It’s all because of you. Although you left me, I feel you here, in my heart. I know now that you’re going blind, using all the lies they told you to hurt your mind and the things that happened in our past. I’ve made mistakes. No one’s innocent. But I do feel sorry. I know you see only my evil side now, I know you won’t believe me at that moment. But that’s for their lies. I know them and I could have my revenge on them. I could make all of them suffer. But I wouldn’t do it. Never! ‘Cause if I did, you would appear to be right that I haven’t changed at all. You taught me that if I want to see the good face of life, I should do good things. Actually, you’ve changed me. You taught me that the price of being filled with hatred is losing your humanity and I won’t lose it once again. If I do, I’d betray the only one I’ve ever loved that much. You’ve made me a better person. You were the one who opened up my eyes and taught me how to love. You brought my heart back after so many years and the only thing I can do now is to keep it safe as you did. I think of you all the time and see your smile, your sparkling eyes, I’m with you in my dreams. You own my soul and I’ll never forget you, ‘cause you’re the one and only and no matter what I do, all I think about is you. One day I’ll come back for you. ‘Till then I’ll hope that you’ll see who I really was and how much I’ve loved you. I’ll pray for your forgiveness and I’ll follow the path you showed me, ‘cause “true secret of life is to find peace in yourself and share with the world”. I finally did.
Be careful with the ones who try to use you as a weapon against me and don’t let them pull you down. You’re a grown-up now and I truly believe in your success. I’m so proud! You should know that my love was for real. It has never been a game. And I’d give up forever to be in your heart today. I’ll keep you locked in my head, until we meet again. While waiting for this day to come, all of my memories keep you near. Darling, you know I’ll love you ‘till the end of time, so just … keep me in your soul.

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